Simplify Your IT Management!

Your workday less stressful

Increased complexity? Do more with tighter budgets? Reactive firefighting and no time for pro-activity?
This is why we developed vScope – Possibly the smartest tool for IT insight and analytics on the planet.

We had benefits from the first minute. With vScope we saw our IT with new eyes, and the benefits kept coming the more we used it!

Peter Feldt, Sektionschef IT-drift at Kraftringen Energi AB

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Smart IT-Professionals Increase Control
& Reduce Their Workload

Valuable IT insights in one place.

Immediate insights about
configuration & performance.

Cross-mapping between
platforms and vendors.



vScope gave me exactly the information I needed, in almost no time at all!
This is exactly how easy it should be!

Thorbjörn Österholm, IT-Systems Administrator at Port of Helsingborg

Cross-platform Operational Insights & Analytics for:

vmware netapphyper-vemcmicrosoft_sql_server

mysql amazon_web_servicesmicrosoft_azurewindows linuxunixsmi-s snmp

Automated Suggestions For
Proactive Improvements

Leading to higher quality every day!



Concrete & actionable guiding for
pro-active improvements.

Instructions for how to reduce risk,
optimize investments & increase performance.

vScope Tracker helps us prioritize and arrange our workdays.
We have clearly managed to improve our infrastructure!

Rolf Svensson, IT Manager at Boliden Bergsöe AB

Your Time Is Important!

So we keep it simple in everything we do.


keep IT simple


Value from the first minute.
Stunning User Experience.

Affordable subscription.
No initial investment.

No agents. No database required.

I had tried for months in other tools
to do what vScope did in a minute!

Per Haddäng, Service Runtime Manager at Volvo IT

Advanced Technology At Your Service

“It’s not only about Big Data. It’s about Quality Data!”

vScope is built to make IT work easier. Simplicity brought forward by advanced technology.

Under the hood, you will find advanced cross-platform discovery, change tracking, dependency mapping and more. But it is all there to provide a clear unified picture of your IT and a deeper understanding in no time.

vScope is not only Big Data – It’s Big Data with Quality. This is why we think vScope is possibly the smartest tool for IT operational insight and analytics on this planet.

vScope really brings something new to the market for IT Management tools.
Something that was lacking before.

Nicklas Griphem, Manager Server & Infrastructure at Gina Tricot AB


vScope provide solutions in many areas. Superb integration between products make them even better when combined!

  • Virtualization Control

    Unveil configuration and performance bottlenecks for both VMware & Hyper-V.

  • Inventory

    Possibly the smartest inventory tool on this planet!

  • License Management & SAM

    Take control over licensing! Stay informed and find ways to lower your costs.

  • Patch Control

    Stay on top of patch status. Pinpoint resources in need of updates.

  • Database Optimization

    Proactive configuration control. Growth rates and mapping to backing storage.

  • CMDB

    Map services towards the rest of the infrastructure.

  • Configuration Control

    Visualize and validate any datacenter configuration.

  • SAN Storage Control

    Optimize performance, reduce costs and get the most out of your existing SAN solution.

  • Storage Monitoring

    Pinpoint overloaded storage on any platform. Servers, Datastores, SAN-components, Databases etc

  • Software Version Control

    Stay informed of version spread on any software, like Java, Anti-virus, SQL or any of your other important software products.

  • Network Configuration

    Map switch configurations. Assure best practice and detect changes.

  • Cloud Optimization

    Lower the bill for cloud services and find easier ways to monitor configurations or several clouds or regions in one view.

  • Billing

    Facilitate Datacenter billing.

  • IP Plan

    Map used IP number and ranges across platforms.

  • Outsourcing

    Become a better buyer. Keep track of the outsourcing bill and delivered service.

Professional Tools Included.

Powerful & simple to empower your workday.

These tools are included in any vScope package. These tools, which are designed to make your worklife easier and yourself a little smarter, can provide superb insight and save you a lot of work in almost any situation!

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Gather all your important IT KPIs in one place. Your personal entrance to vScope or on service desk display.

Table Explorer

browser_explorer_filtersA unique helicopter view of any infrastructure resource.

Build tables (like spreadsheets) of any resource.

Tailored suggestions built on your datacenter profile makes you feel at home directly.

Build your own. Filter. Share & Export. Aggregate values. Detect changes.

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Machine Properties

browser_machine_properties_bottomA profile page for a server like you have probably not seen it before.

It spans over several platforms and vendors. From Hardware to Virtualization to Storage to OS to Database to Application to…

The timeline provides information about historical events from all platforms.

Add tags and convenient Notes. Share and increase collaboration.

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vScope TrackerAutomated audit of your infrastructure every day. Like an expert consultant working for you full time.

Benchmarking towards Industry best practice and common IT knowledge.

Concrete and actionable suggestions and guiding for improvements. Email alerts.

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Useful Platform Features

Across the vScope Suite


Tags & Notes

Add tags to your resources.
Tags are used for sorting, filtering, analysis, breakdowns etc. Tags are very central in vScope.

Usability & Collaboration

Collaboration and Sharing makes it easy and natural to help your colleagues.

IT Management should be easy, intuitive and fun. This is why we have spent time on creating an extraordinary user experience.

History & Change

Browse historical events or get a grip of changes of configurations from day to day or over longer periods of time.

Track changes. See trends. Follow up on resource utilization.

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Schedule an online demo, or invite us for a visit. It’s a good way to see vScope in action while discussing your needs and the benefits of vScope in your datacenter.

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See the value of vScope during a 30 days Assisted Trial. You’d be surprised how much you will learn about your own datacenter in only the first hour!

We know you’re busy, so we have spent much time on getting you up and running with the least of efforts.

  • Installation by a vScope-pro. Done in minutes!
  • No agents for smooth installation and low footprint
  • Three hours training with familiar examples from your datacenter
  • Insights and suggestions for improvements you may keep after the trial
  • No license purchase required


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